Charles Petzold

I am the author of a dozen books, most notably two unique explorations of digital computing:

I grew up in New Jersey and attended Stevens Institute of Technology. After graduating in 1975 with a BS and MS in mathematics, I moved to New York City and worked 10 years for a major insurance company. I was not an actuary, but I did actuarial work and PL/I programming for individual health insurance product development.

In 1984 I began writing for PC Magazine, which led to a full-time freelance career that included writing for Microsoft Systems Journal and MSDN magazines. My book Programming Windows was published in six editions between 1988 and 2012, and I also wrote books on OS/2, Windows Forms, the Windows Presentation Foundation, and the C# programming language. In 2014 I began working as a full-time employee for Xamarin (which was acquired in 2016 by Microsoft), where I wrote a book and documentation about Xamarin.Forms.

In September 2018 I retired from my 34-year career of writing, speaking, and thinking about application programming interfaces. Links to my books and articles from that career are available on my old website.

I am currently working on what I hope to be a series of books on the historical, social, political, and philosophical foundations of computing. Tentative titles are:

Wish me luck.