Charles Petzold

Peter Jackson, 1994

December 15, 2005
Roscoe, NY

The thin red envelope brought us Heavenly Creatures, and it blew us away. The movie doesn't have hobbits and it doesn't even have a big primate, but it does have Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey in their film debuts, some energetic dizzying camera work, and a suspenseful creepy atmosphere.

Winslet and Lynskey are two New Zealand girls in the 1950s whose intense friendship and rich fantasy life lead to — good grades, happy relationships with their parents, marriage to civil servants, and lots of children, of course!

Watch for Peter Jackson's cameo as a bum outside of a movie theater who gets a kiss from Kate Winslet.

Based on a true story. Music by Mario Lanza.