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“Computer of the Tides” – The Chapter 2 Schematic5/7/2017Computer of the Tides
The Dawn of the Sinusoid4/8/2017Computer of the Tides
“Computer of the Tides” Chapter 1 (Draft Preview)12/29/2016Computer of the Tides
Reading Steve Pincus’s “The Heart of the Declaration”10/30/2016Books
Reading Margot Lee Shetterly’s “Hidden Figures”9/18/2016Books
The Metric System for Angles and Time6/5/2016Math
The Worst Dental Clinic in New York City?1/15/2016New York City Life
Writing Xamarin.Forms Apps in F#11/4/2015Xamarin
More Bogus Gun Stats10/10/2015Practical Math
De-Obfuscating the Statistics of Mass Shootings7/5/2015Practical Math
Music Streaming for the Rest of Us6/18/2015Music
Reading “The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage”5/25/2015Books
Drones on Screen and Stage5/21/2015Politics
Pushback on “The Imitation Game”1/16/2015Annotated Turing
“The Imitation Game” and Alan Turing’s Real Contribution to Computing12/11/2014Annotated Turing
The Infamous Windows “Hello World” Program12/8/2014Windows
My Week at Xamarin Evolve 201410/29/2014Xamarin
Stop Disseminating Bullshit!10/26/2014Politics
A Computer to Disprove Evolution?9/15/2014History of Computing
New Book — New Chapter in Life8/7/2014Xamarin
Reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction”8/2/2014Books
Seeing Mieczysław Weinberg’s “The Passenger”7/16/2014Music
Reading Amir Alexander’s “Infinitesimal”6/28/2014Books
Cut the Mic5/4/2014Music
I Have Cracked the 3D Pedagogical Nut!2/4/2014Windows 8
Character Formatting Extensions with DirectWrite1/28/2014Windows 8
Chatting with Shawn Wildermuth1/20/2014Personal
Christmas Puddings Tossed into the Fire12/25/2013Books
I, Health Insurer12/15/2013Personal
An Appeal for Clemency12/9/2013Miscellaneous
“with his back to the fire” (Anthony Trollope's Tic)12/1/2013Books
When J&R Contracts, Classical Music Suffers11/30/2013New York City Life
Exquisitely Slow Music11/22/2013Music
I was at school that day11/22/2013Memories
On Seeing "12 Years a Slave"11/17/2013Movies
VirtualSurfaceImageSource and DPI Resolution10/23/2013Windows 8
Pagination with DirectWrite10/11/2013Windows 8
Sharing XAudio2 Code Between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Apps10/2/2013Windows Phone
The (Immersive and Transcendent) Forty Part Motet9/23/2013Music
Conversion of September 2013 DirectX Factor to Windows 8.19/4/2013Windows 8
August DirectX Factor Converted to Windows 8.18/5/2013Windows 8
Trying Out the New Windows 8.1 DirectX Project Templates7/29/2013Windows 8
Speaking at North Dallas .NET User Group on August 77/26/2013Speaking
Multicolor Font Characters in Windows 8.16/28/2013Windows 8
An Easy Grid Splitter for Windows 86/3/2013Windows 8
Two Outstanding Documentaries5/17/2013Movies
Don’t Just Read “The Great Gatsby”5/10/2013Books
A Data Binding to the Text Property of Run?4/15/2013Windows 8
Spinning a Record Like a DJ in Windows 84/2/2013Windows 8
Fast Map Zooming Using DirectX3/9/2013Windows 8
C++ Structures and Data Bindings2/27/2013Windows 8
My Ranking of the “Best Picture” Nominees2/24/2013Movies
Does This Non-Affine Transform Make My Butt Look Big?2/4/2013Windows 8
Speaking at vNext Orange County1/25/2013Speaking
“Programming Windows” 6th Edition Final Ebook Now Available1/20/2013Windows 8
Introducing DirectX Factor1/3/2013Windows 8
Rush Tickets for the Metropolitan Opera1/2/2013New York City Life
Windows 8 XAML Files and C++ Header Files12/19/2012Petzold Book Blog
First-Person Shooter12/17/2012Reflections
Bézier Circles and Bézier Ellipses12/6/2012Windows 8
The Lesson of GetIntermediatePoints11/28/2012Windows 8
Visiting Sixteen Neighborhood Bookstores on Small Business Saturday11/25/2012New York City
We Built It11/5/2012Politics
My (Ongoing) Week with Sandy10/31/2012New York City Life
Windows Phone 7.5, the Motion Sensor, and Astronomy10/11/2012Windows Phone
Appearing at Ada's on October 30th10/4/2012Speaking
I Need a Windows 8 Tablet Recommendation!9/11/2012Windows 8
“Programming Windows” 6th Edition Release Preview Now Available!8/14/2012Windows 8
Last Day for the $20 “Programming Windows” 6th Edition Ebook Deal8/13/2012Windows 8
Windows 8 WriteableBitmap Pixel Arrays in C# and C++8/5/2012Windows 8
Last Couple Weeks for the $20 EBook Deal7/27/2012Windows 8
I Owe My Success to the United States Government7/20/2012Personal
Five Ways to Incite Revolution7/8/2012Windows 8
Alan Turing's Contribution6/23/2012The Annotated Turing
Updated Code Available for Programming Windows 6th Edition6/5/2012Windows 8
Programming Windows 6th Edition: What Happens Next?6/1/2012Windows 8
Last Day for the $10 Book Deal5/31/2012Windows 8
Programming Windows 6th Edition for the C++ Programmer5/30/2012Windows 8
Windows 8 Nervousness and a Trip in the Time Machine5/30/2012Windows 8
An Experiment in Book Publishing5/28/2012Windows 8
Why a 6th Edition?5/25/2012Windows 8
Programming Windows 6th Edition Preview Ebook Is Here!5/17/2012Windows 8
Programming Windows 6th Edition Preview Ebook Coming!5/10/2012Windows 8
2-4-6-8-104/23/2012Windows 8
A Million Little Programs4/2/2012Windows 8
The Animated Pie Slice in Windows 83/30/2012Windows 8
It's All About the Code (and Books About Code)3/28/2012Books
The LoadJpeg Advantage on Windows Phone3/17/2012Window Phone
Bizarre Windows 8 Gradient Brush Bug3/12/2012Windows 8
“Programming Windows” 6ᵗʰ Edition2/29/2012Windows 8
Complimentary Copies2/2/2012Books
Windows 8 Touch Events Interactions2/1/2012Windows 8
Happy 75th Birthday, Philip Glass!1/31/2012Music
The Last Catfish in the East Village?1/30/2012New York City
Your Welcome1/11/2012Grammar
Rick Santorum and Group Marriage1/7/2012Politics
Parsing CSS for EPUB12/26/2011Windows 8
Windows 8 Dependency Property Strangeness12/5/2011Windows 8
Very Bad Writing11/25/2011Books
Hilary Hahn and the Ives Violin Sonatas11/21/2011Music
.NET Streams and Windows 8 IStreams11/8/2011Windows 8
Asynchronous Processing in Windows 8 11/7/2011Windows 8
TODO: An EPUB Viewer for Windows 811/1/2011Windows 8
Phree Book Reader Now Available10/31/2011Windows Phone
Happy 80th Birthday, Sofia Gubaidulina!10/24/2011Music
Car Wellness10/20/2011Books
SpinPaint for Windows 810/1/2011Windows 8
Adventures in Electronic Music9/29/2011Music
Reading “The Fatal Gift of Beauty”9/3/2011Books
“The Trojan Women” at Franklin Stage8/25/2011Theater
Two Recent Interviews8/19/2011Interviews
Rick Santorum Wants Into Your Bedroom8/1/2011Politics
Visit Ada's!7/22/2011Books
What is “Moral Relativism”?7/21/2011Politics
Freedom and Population7/20/2011Politics
My Idiotic Concept of Freedom7/17/2011Politics
Appearing at Ada's Technical Books7/11/2011Speaking
Give us Feedback on my Windows Phone Book7/9/2011Windows Phone
By the Time We Got to CodeStock...6/13/2011Speaking
Reading “The Better Angel: Walt Whitman in the Civil War”5/30/2011Books
The Lost Opportunity of the "Atlas Shrugged" Movie5/27/2011Movies
Windows Phone Screen Shots5/27/2011Windows Phone
We Got Mangos And Bananas You Can Pick Right Off The Tree5/20/2011Windows Phone
Inspired by “Code”5/12/2011Books
Two Speaking Engagements Coming Up4/5/2011Speaking
Reading “Music for Silenced Voices” (and Listening to the Shostakovich String Quartets)3/21/2011Music
The Joyous Music of Jennifer Higdon2/14/2011Music
Tiger Mothers and the Future of Classical Music2/8/2011Music
Reading Books on the Phone2/5/2011Books
“Pierrot Lunaire” at Juilliard1/19/2011Music
Reading “Autobiography of an Execution”1/13/2011Politics
Tallying the Most *Popular* Composers1/13/2011Music
Twentieth-Century Music and Music Students1/11/2011Music
Rounding Up the Usual (Musical) Suspects1/10/2011Music
Hideous Jefferson Quotes, Real and Bogus1/9/2011Politics
My Father was a Troubleshooter12/16/2010Family
Playing Music Files on WP711/19/2010Windows Phone 7
Going to Market with Windows Phone 711/7/2010Windows Phone 7
XNA Back Buffers and the Status Bar11/3/2010Windows Phone 7
"PWP7" Font Issues Fixed11/3/2010Windows Phone 7
"Programming Windows Phone 7" Now Available!10/28/2010Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 and the Art of Presentation10/20/2010Windows Phone 7
“Naked Came the Null Delegate”: Chapter 2. Unhandled Exception10/13/2010Naked Came the Null Delgate
Multitasking on Windows Phone 78/17/2010Windows Phone 7
How to Insult a Writer8/16/2010Writing Business
New Title! More Chapters!8/2/2010Windows Phone 7
The Disasters of Visual Design Tools7/16/2010Programming
Manipulation Events Update for the WP7 Beta7/14/2010Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 Development Tools Now in Beta7/13/2010Windows Phone 7
For Wendy Friedlander6/30/2010Wendy Friedlander
Appearing on .NET Rocks6/26/2010Petzold Book Blog
The Mathematics of Pathological Tennis6/25/2010Tennis
Orientation Strategies for Windows Phone 76/16/2010Windows Phone 7
Flip-Number Clock in Silverlight6/16/2010Silverlight
CompositionTarget.Rendering and RenderEventArgs6/11/2010Silverlight
Simulating Touch Inertia on Windows Phone 76/6/2010Windows Phone 7
Great-Circle Arcs on the Sphere6/5/2010WPF 3D
A Circular Gradient Brush for Silverlight6/5/2010Silverlight
Basic Manipulation Event Handling in Windows Phone 76/1/2010Windows Phone 7
The Limits of float5/30/2010Windows Phone 7
Tripp Palin, 16, Sues Mom, Others5/28/2010Satire
More Accelerometer Visualization on the Zune HD5/27/2010Windows Phone 7
Classical Music Being "Phased Out"5/23/2010Windows Phone 7
SpinPaint for Windows Phone 7 (with a Rant about Touch)5/21/2010Windows Phone 7
Navigating the Windows Phone 7 Documentation5/6/2010Windows Phone 7
“Programming Windows Phone 7” — Updated Source Code5/5/2010Windows Phone 7
Where’s the Grown-Up Version of Zune?5/5/2010Music
XNA 3D on the Zune HD?5/4/2010Windows Phone 7
Listening to the “Shutter Island” Soundtrack4/30/2010Music
Introducing PhoniePoint version 1E-104/29/2010Windows Phone 7
Inventing the “Three-Finger Salute”4/16/2010History of Computing
Visualizing the Windows Phone Accelerometer (on a Zune HD)4/5/2010Windows Phone 7 Series
Using VertexPositionTexture on Windows Phone3/30/2010Windows Phone 7 Series
New Book: “Programming Windows Phone 7 Series”3/15/2010Windows Phone 7 Series
Pants on the Ground: The Silverlight Application1/23/2010Silverlight
Dear EarthLink Customer Support1/13/2010Petzold Book Blog
1859 Books: Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “The Minister’s Wooing”12/31/2009Sesquicentenniality
Silverlight Apps that Resize Themselves12/17/2009Silverlight
Experimental Embedding of Silverlight Apps in Blog Entries12/15/2009Silverlight
Listening to Cecilia Bartoli’s “Sacrificium”12/7/2009Music
Coding for Multi-Touch for Silverlight 312/1/2009Silverlight
Text Deformation Based on Bézier Splines11/29/2009Silverlight
1859 Books: Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”11/24/2009Sesquicentenniality
Seeds Across the Oceans11/23/2009Books
1859 Books: Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities”11/21/2009Sesquicentenniality
Text Morphing but with Decomposed Outlines11/13/2009Silverlight
Displaying Text at Angles11/12/2009Silverlight
Random Globules This Time11/2/2009Silverlight
Random Rectangles in Silverlight (using WriteableBitmap)10/30/2009Silverlight
Book Royalties, Advances, and "Retainers"10/29/2009Books
Reading “Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age”10/19/2009Books
1859 Crusades: John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry10/16/2009Sesquicentenniality
WQXR, Fading Away10/14/2009Music
Manipulating Character Outlines in Silverlight10/11/2009Silverlight
Reading “Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth”10/8/2009Books
Adapting the Calendar Control for Week Numbers10/7/2009WPF Programming
Animated Dotted Text Outlines: Getting the Flicker Out10/6/2009Silverlight
Using Text Outlines in Silverlight10/5/2009Silverlight
1859 Books: Samuel Smiles’ “Self-Help”9/29/2009Sesquicentenniality
Long Division on “Mad Men”9/16/2009Math
1859 Speeches: Prince Albert’s Address to the BAAS9/14/2009Sesquicentenniality
The Problematic Mahler 10th9/9/2009Music
1859 Books: Harriet Wilson’s “Our Nig”9/5/2009Sesquicentenniality
1859 Music: Richard Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde”8/30/2009Sesquicentenniality
Using Silverlight DeepZoom for a Document Viewer8/27/2009Silverlight
Roget’s Hierarchical Thesaurus in a Silverlight App8/24/2009Silverlight
Petition for an Apology to Alan Turing8/18/2009The Annotated Turing
Young Pianists at Shandelee8/15/2009Music
A Fluttering Photo Effect for Silverlight 38/11/2009Silverlight
Dodecahedron for Silverlight 38/9/2009Silverlight
Another Rotating 3D Figure for Silverlight 38/7/2009Silverlight
A Rotating *Solid* Cube in Silverlight 38/6/2009Silverlight
Taper Transforms with Matrix3DProjection: An Analytical Approach7/31/2009Silverlight
A Rotating Wireframe Cube for Silverlight 37/26/2009Silverlight
Dulce et Decorum Est7/26/2009Miscellaneous
A Simple Silverlight 3 Synthesizer with Keyboard (of Sorts)7/24/2009Silverlight Sound Synthesis
Animated “3D” Text in Silverlight 37/23/2009Silverlight
Using the Matrix3DProjection Class in Silverlight 37/23/2009Silverlight
1859 Books: Tennyson’s “Idylls of the King”7/17/2009Sesquicentenniality
A Simple Electronic-Music Sequencer for Silverlight 37/12/2009Silverlight Sound Synthesis
Classical Music and MP3 Players7/6/2009Music
1859 Books: George Meredith’s “The Ordeal of Richard Feverel”6/20/2009Sesquicentenniality
To Hobart Book Village (and Beyond)6/17/2009Books
1859 Science: John Tyndall and the Greenhouse Effect6/10/2009Sesquicentenniality
Flax Seed Bread6/2/2009Recipes
1859 Journalism: Harriet Martineau’s “Female Industry”5/30/2009Sesquicentenniality
Business Trips and Public Transportation5/24/2009Speaking
Realizing a Fisheye Effect in Silverlight5/18/2009Silverlight
Ursula Le Guin’s Faux Pas5/13/2009Books
1859 Art: Frederic Church’s “The Heart of the Andes”4/27/2009Sesquicentenniality
“Hearts and Minds” Redux3/31/2009Movies
1859 Books: Anthony Trollope’s “The Bertrams”3/29/2009Sesquicentenniality
WPF in F#3/26/2009WPF Programming
Silverlight sans Xaml3/23/2009Silverlight
Nothing Worthwhile Published Before 1776?3/14/2009Google Books
Reading Darwin’s “The Various Contrivances by Which Orchids are Fertilised by Insects”3/8/2009Books
Podcast of my Talk about Turing at the University of Toronto3/6/2009The Annotated Turing
1859 Books: John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty”2/26/2009Sesquicentenniality
Speaking at the University of Toronto on March 52/24/2009The Annotated Turing
Pinnacles of 19th Century Science2/12/2009Science
Reading “Darwin’s Sacred Cause”2/8/2009Books
Graphical Paths with Gradient Colors2/5/2009WPF Programming
1859 Books: George Eliot’s “Adam Bede”2/1/2009Sesquicentenniality
Non-Affine Transforms in Silverlight1/30/2009Silverlight
Reading Denis Dutton’s “The Art Instinct”1/26/2009Books
XamlCruncher for Silverlight1/24/2009Silverlight
Canonical Splines in WPF and Silverlight1/22/2009Silverlight
1859 Books: “Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám”1/15/2009Sesquicentenniality
Paradoxes of Infinity in “The Annotated Turing”1/14/2009The Annotated Turing
Reading Jane Mayer’s “The Dark Side”1/11/2009Books
Text-Morphing CheckBox Template for Silverlight1/9/2009Silverlight
Animated Polyline Interpolations in Silverlight1/7/2009Silverlight
Animating Points and PointCollections in Silverlight1/5/2009Silverlight
Mind Your Freeze and Q’s1/4/2009WPF Programming
Reading “For the Thrill of It”1/2/2009Books
Re-Infection with Recurrent Ear Worm12/16/2008Music
Elliott Carter's Birthday Bash12/12/2008Music
Elliott Carter Music on YouTube (a Selection)12/11/2008Music
Elliott Carter’s Nineties (1999 – 2008)12/11/2008Music
Elliott Carter’s Eighties (1989 – 1998)12/10/2008Music
Elliott Carter’s Seventies (1979 – 1988)12/9/2008Music
Reading “Revolutionary Road”12/8/2008Books
Elliott Carter’s Sixties (1969 – 1978)12/8/2008Music
Elliott Carter’s Fifties (1959 – 1968)12/5/2008Music
Elliott Carter’s Forties (1949 – 1958)12/4/2008Music
Elliott Carter’s Late Twenties and Thirties (1936 – 1948)12/2/2008Music
The Idiots at HIP12/2/2008Miscellaneous
Celebrating the Elliott Carter Centennial12/1/2008Music
I Am *So* Ashamed of This Silverlight Hack11/25/2008Silverlight
Text on a Path in Silverlight11/24/2008Silverlight
My “MSDN Magazine” Article on Text on a Path11/23/2008WPF Programming
Concepts of Intelligent Design Prior to the Scientific Revolution11/21/2008Science
“Gretchen am Spinnrade” (the Silverlight version)11/20/2008Silverlight
Gosh, I Thought “PC Magazine” Died Years Ago11/19/2008Petzold Book Blog
Simple Cable Simulation11/18/2008WPF Programming
Jeff Prosise's Silverlight Enigma Simulation11/17/2008The Annotated Turing
“Gretchen am Spinnrade” (dot xaml)11/5/2008WPF Programming
Happy Election Day from Real America!11/4/2008New York City Life
WPF Retained Graphics and the SubPropertiesDoNotAffectRender Flag11/3/2008Petzold Book Blog
Martin Davis Reviews “The Annotated Turing” for “American Scientist”10/11/2008The Annotated Turing
Remembering Paul Jacobs9/25/2008Music
Reading Trollope’s “The Way We Live Now”9/23/2008Books
Mahler 8th Not Awesome?9/22/2008Music
Atan2 and Exceptions (and why there aren't any)9/20/2008Programming
I've Been .NET Rocked!9/11/2008Petzold Book Blog
My Article on Property-Changed Notifications in MSDN Magazine9/7/2008WPF Programming
Curved ScrollBars using WPF 3D8/26/20083D Book
“Don Giovanni” for 2008/4/2008Life in Sullivan County
A Brief Proof That Unrelentingly Catchy Tunes Do Not Good Music Make7/25/2008Music
Software Development Meme7/4/2008Programming
It's Got to be the *Right* Blog7/2/2008The Annotated Turing
Gay Rights and the Prosecution of Alan Turing6/28/2008The Annotated Turing
Perhaps It Wasn't Peter Fonda6/25/2008The Annotated Turing
Reading Copeland’s “Colossus”6/22/2008Petzold Book Blog
Memorizing the Multiplication Tables6/13/2008Math
Reading Hodges’ “One to Nine”6/9/2008Books
“The Annotated Turing” Hot Off the Presses!6/5/2008The Annotated Turing
The Alan Turing / James Bond Connection6/1/2008The Annotated Turing
I'll Be Doing a PDC2008 Pre-Con on WPF!5/30/2008PDC2008
Babies Are Illogical: The “Lost” “Chapter” of “Code”5/28/2008Code
Reading Brian Rotman’s “Ad Infinitum…”5/25/2008The Annotated Turing
Turing and Brouwer: The Unexplored Connection5/22/2008The Annotated Turing
Turing Machines That Run Forever5/18/2008The Annotated Turing
Reading Casti’s “The Cambridge Quintet”5/12/2008Books
The 300 Page Ideal5/10/2008The Annotated Turing
Letting Go of the Book5/9/2008The Annotated Turing
My Neighborhood, circa 18495/7/2008New York City Life
The Old Design Argument, Now Politicized4/24/2008Movies
Rounded Graphics in WPF4/17/2008WPF Programming
“The Annotated Turing” Typographic Triumph3/27/2008The Annotated Turing
My New Book on Charles Babbage3/20/2008The Mathematics of Miracles
Top Dollar for Turing's Paper3/14/2008The Annotated Turing
Can a Notebook be *Too* Thin?3/11/2008Reading
Can You Help Us with Marketing for “The Annotated Turing”?3/7/2008The Annotated Turing
“The Annotated Turing” Illustrated Bibliography3/6/2008The Annotated Turing
Of a Book Entitled “Mr. Turing's Computing Machine”3/1/2008The Annotated Turing
Of a Book Entitled “Follow the Data”2/26/2008Books
Best Picture Nominees2/20/2008Movies
"A room without books is like a body without a soul" (Cicero)2/13/2008Satire
600 Lines is a Luxury1/25/2008Programming
Tennis and Technology1/23/2008Sports
Progressive Arcs in XAML1/16/2008WPF Programming
What Kind of Weirdo Company Makes a Product Like This???1/15/2008Petzold Book Blog
Cabinet Perspective in WPF 3D1/9/20083D Programming
Even Before I Was Born1/7/2008History of Computation
The Kindle Paradox1/4/2008Books
The Mathematics of ArcSegment1/2/2008WPF Programming
Big Changes for 20081/1/2008Personal
A Little XAML for the New Year12/31/20073D Programming
Variable-Width Lines in WPF12/30/2007WPF Programming
A "War and Peace" Christmas12/30/2007Music
Phi on You! Phi on You All!12/27/2007Miscellaneous
Article on Custom Controls and Templates12/26/2007WPF Programming
Three Favorite Compositions?12/14/2007Music
E. W. Hobson’s “Squaring the Circle”12/13/2007Books
Sorting Without Spaces12/13/2007Programming
How Many Thirteenth Roots?12/12/2007Mathematics
David Leavitt's “The Indian Clerk”12/12/2007Books
Great Writing on the Web12/11/2007Internet
Let's Not Be Too Hard On Huckabee12/10/2007Satire
High-Resolution Printing of WPF 3D Visuals12/7/20073D Book
Using My Code in Your Projects12/7/2007Programming
Computers, Randomness, and Alan Turing12/6/2007The Annotated Turing
The Best Boxes for Books12/5/2007Books
The Turing Machine Goes Public12/2/2007The Annotated Turing
Turing and the Halting Problem11/26/2007The Annotated Turing
More Tapestries at the Met11/25/2007New York City Life
“The Annotated Turing” Tentative TOC11/21/2007The Annotated Turing
Kindle Me Elmo11/20/2007Books
Ira Levin, 1929–200711/15/2007Books
Norman Mailer, 1923–2007 11/11/2007Books
“The Annotated Turing” Coming Spring 2008!11/4/2007The Annotated Turing
Aspect (Ir)ratio(nality)11/3/2007Television
Why We Had to Get Married11/2/2007Wedding
Delivering Keynote at Memphis Day of .NET10/31/2007Speaking
Wedding's Over — Back to Work10/30/2007Wedding
Portrait of the Happy Couple10/29/2007Wedding
Wedding Blog: Sanity Reigns10/27/2007Wedding
Don't Neglect the Mahler 6th10/25/2007Petzold Book Blog
Looking Forward to “Print is Dead”10/24/2007Books
License to Wed10/23/2007Wedding
Bypassing the BulletDecorator10/19/2007WPF Programming
Anxiety Amid the Wool and Chalk10/18/2007Wedding
Eliminating the Middleman10/17/2007Writing Business
Get Real10/17/2007Opinions
Muggings10/16/2007Writing Business
The Commercial Market Failed Me, So ...10/15/2007Satire
How Old is Humbert Humbert?10/10/2007Books
We're Getting Married!10/9/2007Wedding
Hard Work, No Pay: What's the Point?10/8/2007Writing Business
Autumn Reading: “Exit Ghost”10/7/2007Books
Contemporary Cultural Values10/7/2007Observations
James Dobson Comes Out Against the Iraq War10/5/2007Satire
Wednesday is Library Day!10/3/2007Books
The Mathematics of Charmin®9/29/2007Math
Barack Obama Comes to The Village9/28/2007New York City Life
Google Books Just Can't Get It Right9/26/2007Google Books
WPF Animations in Code without Storyboards9/26/2007WPF Programming
Our Books, Our Selves9/24/2007Books
St. Monday9/24/2007Miscellaneous
More Circuits in XAML9/23/2007WPF Programming
XAML XOR Gate Works Also9/18/2007WPF Programming
Three-Way Switch Demo in XAML9/15/2007WPF Programming
Persuading the Suspect to Sing (2007-08 Season)9/14/2007Television
"Helvetica" (the movie)9/13/2007Movies
Summer Reading: "Nonviolence"9/11/2007Books
Google Books Needs to Know What They Have9/10/2007Google Books
Google Books Needs to List the Issues9/9/2007Google Books
Out with the Old — At Least for Us9/9/2007New York City Life
Google Books Needs to be More Like JSTOR9/8/2007Google Books
Animating Attached Properties9/8/2007Petzold Book Blog
Google Books: A Bibliographic Disaster9/7/2007Google Books
E-Books Are Better Books9/6/2007Satire
Real-Time Cell-Shading in WPF 3D9/6/20073D Book
Attempt at Simple WPF 3D Cell-Shading9/5/20073D Book
Summer Reading: “The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling”9/5/2007Books
What do You Want Me to Write About?8/31/2007MSDN Magazine
The Petzold.Media3D Library: The "Wire" Classes8/31/20073D Book
Assembling 3D Figures with Translation and Rotation8/29/20073D Book
And Just How Important Are Teachers?8/27/2007Opinions
Non-Affine Transforms in 2D?8/25/20073D Book
The Petzold.Media3D Library: Converting Algorithmic Triangle Meshes to XAML8/24/20073D Book
The Petzold.Media3D Library: Uniting the Two Triangulation Strategies8/24/20073D Book
The Petzold.Media3D Library: Algorithmic Transforms8/20/20073D Book
Converting Non-Loose XAML to XBAP8/19/20073D Book
Navigating the Provincetown Breakwater8/16/2007Vacation
It's Off to Provincetown, MA8/15/2007Miscellaneous
The Petzold.Media3D Library: The "Visuals" Classes8/15/20073D Book
The Petzold.Media3D Library: Fun with the Teapot8/14/20073D Book
On Resignations in High Places8/14/2007Opinions
The Petzold.Media3D Library: Polyhedra8/13/20073D Book
An Updated Petzold.Media3D.dll Already?8/13/20073D Book
The Glorious Shadelee Music Festival8/12/2007Life in Sullivan County
My Brush with a Famous Obama Supporter?8/12/2007New York City Life
The Petzold.Media3D Library: The "Meshes" Classes8/11/20073D Book
About That 3D Text...8/11/20073D Book
3D Book Source Code and the Petzold.Media3D Library8/11/20073D Book
How to Persuade Amazon to Deliver My 3D Programming Book to You8/10/20073D Book
I Shoulda Read the Contract8/10/20073D Book
Animating 3D Non-Affine Transforms8/9/20073D Book
Amazon Still Has 3D Book Info Wrong8/9/20073D Book
3D Non-Affine Transforms8/6/20073D Book
“3D Programming for Windows” is Totally Real!8/6/20073D Book
3D Graphics for Windows8/3/20073D Book
I Hereby Declare August To Be....8/1/20073D Book
3D Book Delayed? No Way!7/30/20073D Book
Ingmar Bergman, 1918-20077/30/2007Movies
Summer Theatre: “The Cripple of Inishmaan”7/29/2007Theatre
Summer Reading: “After Dark”7/28/2007Books
Summer Reading: “Rousseau's Dog”7/28/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: The Postmortem7/22/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: Day Seven7/22/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: Day Six7/21/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: Day Five7/20/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: Day Four7/19/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: The Photographic Record7/18/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: Day Three7/18/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: Day Two7/16/2007Books
Eric Sink on WPF 3D7/16/20073D Book
My Week with Clarissa: Day One7/16/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: The Full Title7/15/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: The Reading Strategy7/14/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: The Editions7/13/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: Alternative Approaches7/12/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: Background7/12/2007Books
My Week with Clarissa: The Concept7/12/2007Books
Beautiful “Beautiful Code”7/11/2007Beautiful Code
Summer Reading: “Inventing Human Rights”7/11/2007Books
Summer Reading: “The Duke's Children”7/10/2007Books
Introducing XAML Cruncher 2.07/10/20073D Book
My iPhone Dysfunction7/10/2007Satire
Do You Blog About WPF Programming?7/8/20073D Book
Summer Reading: “The Best and the Brightest”7/4/2007Books
Bethel Woods Disappoints Again7/3/2007Life in Sullivan County
Hyperstereo Photographs from the World Trade Center6/29/2007Photography
Summer Reading: “Maurice”6/26/2007Books
How to Read a Book6/24/2007Books
Happy Turing Day!6/23/2007Turing Book
Summer Reading: “The Engagement”6/22/2007Books
Gotta Get Me One of Those iPod Things6/22/2007Satire
Summer Movies: “Paprika”6/21/2007Movies
Bad Flash Flood Near Roscoe6/21/2007Life in Sullivan County
My Article on Animation Extensions in MSDN Magazine6/19/2007WPF Programming
Summer Reading: “Christopher and His Kind”6/18/2007Books
Cut to Silent Black; Hold; Roll Credits6/17/2007Movies
Demos from Chapter 9 of My 3D Book6/11/20073D Book
Summer Reading: “On Chesil Beach”6/8/2007Books
Another “I Hate Computers” Day6/4/2007Computers
I'm Craving Books6/3/2007Books
E=mc² and the Sun6/3/2007Science
Sen. Brownback Still a Dogmatic Creationist5/31/2007Politics
“3D Programming for Windows” is in the System!5/22/20073D Book
Early Summer This Year5/18/2007Life in Sullivan County
“The Tutors” Explores 16th Century Education5/15/2007Television
.NET Classes vs. Structures5/13/2007.NET Programming
Dependency Properties and Data Bindings5/12/2007WPF Programming
More Thoughts About WPF Books, Past and Future5/4/2007WPF Book
Devscovery Comes to New York City5/4/2007WPF Programming
Progress on the WPF 3D Book5/2/20073D Book
Content is Still King, Right? Right? (Please?)4/29/2007WPF Book
20 Years Ago This Year4/29/2007Memories
XAML Resources and x:Name4/28/2007WPF Programming
The Future of Writing?4/27/2007WPF Book
Earth Day and Ayn Rand4/22/2007Memories
Lines with Arrows4/19/2007WPF Programming
Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-20074/12/2007Books
"We Have Always Lived in the Castle"4/7/2007Books
The UAC is Your (Mostly Silent) Friend4/2/2007Vista
Would You Like to Publish My Next Book?3/28/2007Turing Book
Animating WPF Resources3/25/2007WPF Programming
“City of Laughter”3/25/2007Books
“The Year of Magical Thinking”3/22/2007Theater
FreezableCollection Tip3/19/2007WPF Programming
Daffy “Times” Article on Amazon and Classical Music3/19/2007Music
ClockRack Fix (But No ClockStrip Fix)3/18/2007PC Magazine Utilities
Let There Be Shadows (Part II)3/16/20073D Book
Article in April 2007 MSDN Magazine3/16/2007WPF Programming
Betty Hutton and “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek”3/15/2007Movies
Let There Be Shadows3/12/20073D Book
“Beautiful Code” Coming in June3/11/2007Beautiful Code
Another Book Bites the Dust3/9/2007Windows Forms
More Gripes About XBAPs3/8/2007WPF
The “Vertigo” Effect in 3D3/7/20073D Book
Why I Structured My Book Like I Did3/5/2007WPF Book
“An Inconvenient Truth”3/4/2007Movies
Asexual Reproduction of Teapots3/1/20073D Book
“24” Bad for America?2/26/2007TV
Movies and Awards2/24/2007Movies
3D Teapot Tragedy2/22/20073D Book
“Primates and Philosophers”2/18/2007Books
3D Robot Walks and, umm, Walks Some More2/15/20073D Book
“The Radical and the Republican”2/14/2007Books
3D Book: Progress Report2/5/20073D Book
My Sick, Sick, Xamled Mind2/4/20073D Book
Happy Groundhog's Day2/2/2007Miscellaneous
Congratulations to Chris Anderson!2/1/2007WPF
WQXR Back On Line2/1/2007Music
3D Fractal Cube1/31/20073D Book
When Green Fuels Go Bad1/31/2007Miscellaneous
Foreign-Language Editions1/29/2007Petzold Book Blog
Karsten Extracts My Templates (Ouch!)1/27/2007WPF Programming
I Wish I Were in Melbourne1/26/2007Sports
How to Get SpotLight to Work1/24/20073D Book
Visionary Directors from Mexico1/22/2007Movies
Keynoting at Devscovery1/22/2007Public Speaking
Bach via Barenboim1/21/2007Music
The Tiniest 3D Program1/19/20073D Book
Flexibility with Property Elements1/15/2007WPF Programming
Of XAML and Screwball1/14/2007Movies
ArkivMusic Asking Interesting Questions1/12/2007Music
New Year's Magic1/1/2007Petzold Book Blog
I Love Word 2007!12/29/2006Observations
My Head on a Sphere12/27/20063D Book
“It Just Works”12/25/2006Computers
MeshGeometry3D Normals Demystified (Part 3 of 3)12/22/20063D Book
You Can't Make Brownies with Splenda®12/22/2006Food
Tired of the Same Old Christmas Music?12/22/2006Music
The Mysterious MeshGeometry3D Normals Property (Part 2)12/17/20063D Book
Enlightened Views12/17/2006Opinions
The Mysterious Normals Property (Part 1)12/16/2006Petzold Book Blog
TextureCoordinates and TileBrushes12/15/20063D Book
Normalization of TextureCoordinates12/14/20063D Book
My Article on Templates in MSDN Magazine12/13/2006WPF Programming
“Windows 3D” Book Coming Summer 2007!12/7/20063D Book
Autumn Reading: “CLR via C#”12/6/2006Books
“.NET Book Zero” Now Available12/5/2006Petzold Book Blog
Blaming the Troops12/4/2006Opinions
How Fast Do Memes Propagate Through Blogs?11/30/2006Miscellaneous
William Diehl, 1924-200611/28/2006Books
Kludges and Spam Filters11/27/2006Opinions
Every Three Minutes11/26/2006Opinions
Our Dinner with Sarah11/23/2006Life in Sullivan County
Kael on “Nashville”11/23/2006Movies
What I Hate About XBAPs11/22/2006Windows Presentation Foundation
Robert Altman, 1925-200611/21/2006Movies
Simulating Sines in XAML11/19/2006Windows Presentation Foundation
Vista Sings “New York, New York”11/13/2006Windows Vista
Converting EXE Projects to XBAPs11/12/2006Windows Presentation Foundation
Making Headway on the Movies11/12/2006Movies
The “Borat” Conundrum11/11/2006Movies
Run! Hide! Politics on the Loose!11/10/2006Blogging
Our Long National Nightmare is Over11/8/2006Petzold Book Blog
Great News in the N.Y. Times This Morning11/8/2006Food
What's Wrong With Not Knowing?11/5/2006Observations
".NET Book Zero" Coming Soon!10/25/2006Petzold Book Blog
“Richard Hoehler: For Real”10/22/2006Life in Sullivan County
XAML Spiral Animation10/21/2006Petzold Book Blog
“Alexander Nevsky” In Concert10/20/2006Music
My Familial Mets Connection10/20/2006Sports
Simple Play, Controversial Backdrop10/19/2006Theatre
Closing 2: CBGB10/16/2006New York City Life
Closing 1: Tower Records10/16/2006New York City Life
Movie Deluge10/15/2006Movies
Autumn Reading: “The Prime Minister”10/15/2006Books
Documentary: “The Ground Truth”10/15/2006Movies
Lieder Crazy10/15/2006Music
"Napoleon on the Nile" at Dahesh10/11/2006New York City Life
The Inevitable Errata List10/11/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Funny Side of Imperialism10/4/2006Observations
Autumn Reading: “A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines”10/1/2006Books
Rory Isn't9/30/2006Miscellaneous
A Few Facts About My Book9/28/2006Petzold Book Blog
An Afternoon at “The Daily Show”9/25/2006New York City Life
Exhibit of Sheila Hicks Miniature Textiles9/23/2006New York City Life
Ikat Textiles at the Met9/16/2006New York City Life
“Apps = Code + Markup”: The Lost 3D Episode9/12/2006Petzold Book Blog
Reflections on the Anniversary of 9/119/11/2006Remembrances
Unprocessed Film9/10/2006Remembrances
Home-Made Flyers9/10/2006Remembrances
Waiting for the Ambulances9/10/2006Remembrances
As Quiet as a Snowfall9/9/2006Remembrances
RC1 Ready for Prime Time9/8/2006Petzold Book Blog
“The Wire” 4th Season9/8/2006Television
A Day at the U.S. Open9/7/2006New York City Life
Re-entry Accomplished9/5/2006New York City Life
Early Reviews of “Apps=Code+Markup”9/3/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Country-to-City Transition9/3/2006New York City Life
Congratulations on Release Candidate One!9/2/2006Petzold Book Blog
WPF Book Actually Totally Real8/27/2006Petzold Book Blog
Summer Reading: “Cousin Henry”8/27/2006Books
ECM and Bach: Coincidence or Trend?8/26/2006Music
Where Have All the Bookstores Gone?8/26/2006Books
Summer Reading: “The One Percent Doctrine”8/26/2006Books
Summer Reading: “New Numbers”8/25/2006Books
Summer Reading: “Not by Genes Alone”8/24/2006Books
Embedding Bitmaps in XAML Files8/23/2006Petzold Book Blog
VB .NET Book Declared "Out of Print"8/23/2006Petzold Book Blog
“Water” and “When the Levees Broke”8/22/2006Movies
To the County Fair We Go8/18/2006Life in Sullivan County
Glimmerglass Matinée8/18/2006Music
The Tim Sneath Challenge VI8/17/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Tim Sneath Challenge V8/17/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Tim Sneath Challenge IV8/17/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Tim Sneath Challenge III8/17/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Tim Sneath Challenge II8/17/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Tim Sneath Challenge I8/17/2006Petzold Book Blog
Summer Reading: “The Prick of Noon”8/16/2006Books
The Funs of August8/15/2006Petzold Book Blog
XAML Puzzle-Solving8/15/2006Petzold Book Blog
Summer Reading: “The Man Who Knew Too Much: Alan Turing and the Invention of the Computer”8/11/2006Books
Was It Voltaire? (Follow Up)8/9/2006Musings
Garbage Cut, Garbage Pasted8/8/2006Musings
Support Your Local Independent Bookstore8/7/2006Life in Sullivan County
New York Liberty 80, Chicago Sky 698/6/2006Basketball
Summer Reading: “Betraying Spinoza”8/4/2006Books
Billie Jean King Honored8/3/2006Tennis
An Alternative “Passion”8/1/2006Music
New York Liberty Steps Back from the Abyss7/31/2006Basketball
Bye Bye Mel7/30/2006Predictions
EBooks and Piracy7/29/2006Petzold Book Blog
Summer Reading: “Turing’s Delirium”7/27/2006Books
Summer Reading: “A History of Vector Analysis”7/25/2006Books
Book-Writing Advice7/24/2006Petzold Book Blog
Timothy Leary at “PC Magazine”7/23/2006Reminiscences
Animated Drawing Brushes7/23/2006Petzold Book Blog
Summer Reading: “The Magic Mountain”7/23/2006Books
The Book Shipped Today! Hurrah! Hurrah!7/19/2006Petzold Book Blog
Awarded Microsoft MVP7/8/2006Petzold Book Blog
First Photograph of the New Baby7/7/2006Petzold Book Blog
3D Text Animation (dot xaml)7/6/2006Petzold Book Blog
Backslashes and Repercussions7/6/2006Reminiscences
Animated Reflected Text (dot xaml)7/5/2006Petzold Book Blog
Updated Applications Now Available7/4/2006Petzold Book Blog
Enough with the Explosions Already7/4/2006Musing
29° Makes the N.Y. Times7/3/2006Miscellaneous
Flooding In Roscoe6/29/2006Life in Sullivan County
June CTP Template Changes6/27/2006Petzold Book Blog
June CTP Imaging Issues6/27/2006Petzold Book Blog
June CTP Impact6/27/2006Petzold Book Blog
An Animation Involving a Text Geometry6/25/2006Petzold Book Blog
Dynamically Changing TreeView Contents6/25/2006Petzold Book Blog
On Writing Books6/24/2006Petzold Book Blog
How I'll Spend My Summer Vacation6/21/2006Petzold Book Blog
Life is Full of Compromises6/20/2006Petzold Book Blog
Animation and Natural Law6/16/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Final Deadline6/13/2006Petzold Book Blog
ClockStrip Now Available6/10/2006Petzold Book Blog
Pages6/10/2006Petzold Book Blog
8-Bit Binary Adder in XAML6/10/2006Petzold Book Blog
WPF Ink and Graphics6/2/2006Petzold Book Blog
WPF Developers Just Too Damn Young?5/28/2006Petzold Book Blog
Typical Cat Behavior5/26/2006Cats
New Version of XAML Cruncher Available5/24/2006Petzold Book Blog
WinFx May Release5/24/2006Petzold Book Blog
Payment for Amazon Reviews?5/23/2006Petzold Book Blog
MatrixAnimationUsingPath Demo5/17/2006Petzold Book Blog
How to Index Arrays in XAML5/10/2006Petzold Book Blog
Deadline Reprieve5/10/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Demise of Hungarian Notation5/4/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Secret Identity of StatusBar5/3/2006Petzold Book Blog
Newton's Cradle in XAML4/23/2006Petzold Book Blog
Squaring the Circle4/22/2006Petzold Book Blog
XAML Cruncher: Tiny Fixes4/12/2006Petzold Book Blog
To Infinity and Beyond4/10/2006Petzold Book Blog
RelativeSource Demo4/10/2006Petzold Book Blog
Another Xamlifferous Experience (an All-XAML Clock)4/7/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Book Is In The System!4/6/2006Petzold Book Blog
More Xamliffic Stuff4/6/2006Petzold Book Blog
Where Have All the XAML Flowers Gone?4/5/2006Petzold Book Blog
In Dreams Begin Responsibilities4/5/2006Musing
Crunch Time4/5/2006Petzold Book Blog
Have It Your Way4/3/2006Petzold Book Blog
I Saw a Silly Animation This Morning...4/2/2006Petzold Book Blog
The CSAML Spec: A Brief Preview4/1/2006Petzold Book Blog
Formatting Text Output in XAML3/31/2006Petzold Book Blog
Stanislaw Lem, 1921-20063/28/2006Books
FillRule in WPF Animations3/28/2006Petzold Book Blog
"24" Update3/27/2006TV
Hybrid Clock Program Available3/23/2006Petzold Book Blog
RenderTransform vs. LayoutTransform3/21/2006Petzold Book Blog
Data-Binding Sources: The Three Alternatives3/21/2006Petzold Book Blog
Formatting Strings in XAML3/20/2006Petzold Book Blog
Console-Type Output in XAML?3/18/2006Petzold Book Blog
Dynamic Resources3/16/2006Petzold Book Blog
Introducing XAML Cruncher3/12/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Book Pipeline3/5/2006Petzold Book Blog
Animation Repetition3/4/2006Petzold Book Blog
WinForms: More Vital Than Ever3/3/2006Petzold Book Blog
New Directions for Microsoft Press2/24/2006Petzold Book Blog
Web Browser Apps2/24/2006Petzold Book Blog
Accessing Non-XAML Assemblies in XAML2/23/2006Petzold Book Blog
Styled Lines in XAML Revisited2/23/2006Petzold Book Blog
WPF Printing II2/23/2006Petzold Book Blog
Concert Overload Syndrome2/22/2006Book Breaks
Photo Op2/22/2006Miscellaneous
Tentatively Complete TOC2/21/2006Petzold Book Blog
Printing under WPF2/20/2006Petzold Book Blog
Hierarchical TreeView Templates2/17/2006Petzold Book Blog
Mysteries of Google2/13/2006Petzold Book Blog
The View from my Window2/12/2006Petzold Book Blog
Styled Lines2/8/2006Petzold Book Blog
Content Properties2/7/2006Petzold Book Blog
IMDB Junkie Misses Big Movie Moment2/6/2006Work Breaks
Avalon Talks2/6/2006Petzold Book Blog
Paperwork2/2/2006Petzold Book Blog
Real-Time Drop-Shadow Slam-Dunk2/1/2006Petzold Book Blog
Button Templates1/30/2006Petzold Book Blog
Table of Contents1/29/2006Petzold Book Blog
ListBox Templates1/29/2006Petzold Book Blog
Semifinals Post Mortem1/26/2006Work Breaks
Geek Gargon Breaks Out1/25/2006Petzold Book Blog
Australian Open: On to the Semi-Finals1/25/2006Work Breaks
OnRender Clipping Logic1/24/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Increasingly Useful Wikipedia1/23/2006Petzold Book Blog
WinFX January CTP: Installation Snag1/19/2006Petzold Book Blog
I Love Books1/18/2006Petzold Book Blog
Embedding Controls in a RichTextBox Document1/18/2006Petzold Book Blog
The Book's Gotta Have It1/16/2006Petzold Book Blog
Graphic Novella Documents WPF Book Wars1/9/2006Petzold Book Blog
Label (and Button) Mnemonics1/6/2006Petzold Book Blog
Totally Cool Title1/5/2006Petzold Book Blog
Tablet PC Programming under WPF1/5/2006Petzold Book Blog
Braille's Birthday1/4/2006Petzold Book Blog
Writing on the Installment Plan1/3/2006Petzold Book Blog
Doctorow's March1/2/2006Petzold Book Blog
New Year's Resolution12/31/2005Petzold Book Blog
Interactivityishness12/30/2005Petzold Book Blog
Rewiring Our Graphics Brains12/29/2005Petzold Book Blog
Hilary Hahn, Again12/29/2005New York City Life
Christmas Came Early This Year...12/23/2005Work Breaks
Faster, Pussycat! Code! Code!12/23/2005Petzold Book Blog
Thinking Differently with WPF12/22/2005Petzold Book Blog
Floating Point: The Final Victory12/21/2005Petzold Book Blog
GridSplitter: FUBAR or Just Poorly Documented?12/20/2005Petzold Book Blog
Shorter Chapters12/19/2005Petzold Book Blog
Forget About Comprehensiveness12/18/2005Petzold Book Blog
Nipped in the Bud12/17/2005Petzold Book Blog
Don't Even Try to Compete12/17/2005Petzold Book Blog
Peter Jackson, 199412/15/2005Work Breaks
Whither Programming Tutorials?12/13/2005Petzold Book Blog
I Found the File Dialog Boxes12/10/2005Petzold Book Blog
Whippif (the song)12/9/2005Petzold Book Blog
Entrenched Standards12/9/2005Petzold Book Blog
King Kong, 197612/5/2005Reminiscences
Progress and Pages12/1/2005Petzold Book Blog
The 96 DPI Solution11/25/2005Petzold Book Blog
XAML, Code, and TextBlock11/20/2005Petzold Book Blog
XAML Rules (but Code Suffers)11/19/2005Petzold Book Blog
Things You Shouldn't Do When You're Writing a Book11/15/2005Petzold Book Blog
"Power to the Pen"11/15/2005Articles
"Windows 1.0 and the Applications of Tomorrow"11/11/2005Appearances
DevConnections Jet Lag11/8/2005On the Road
My Mini-Keynote at DevConnections11/5/2005Appearances
Public Code10/30/2005Reminiscences
This Stuff is Trippy10/28/2005Petzold Book Blog
Programming vs. Visual Studio10/27/2005Petzold Book Blog
"Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?"10/18/2005Appearances
Minimizing Distractions10/17/2005Petzold Book Blog
"Ink as a Graphical Medium"10/12/2005Appearances
Layout10/8/2005Petzold Book Blog
The Two APIs10/4/2005Petzold Book Blog
The Competition9/25/2005Petzold Book Blog
RichTextBox Selections9/24/2005Petzold Book Blog
Tennyson on Windows Programming9/19/2005Petzold Book Blog
How to Write a 1200-Page Book9/15/2005Petzold Book Blog
And Another Book Commences8/26/2005Petzold Book Blog
One Book Approaching Completion8/25/2005Petzold Book Blog
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