Charles Petzold

Hybrid Clock Program Available

March 23, 2006
New York City

OK, it's a clock program, and clock programs are lame. But this is a HYBRID analog/digital clock program, and that makes it cool, and the reduced CO2 emissions are better for the environment. Run it from this page:

It's an XBAP, which means it runs in partial trust mode in your browser (well, IE, anyway). Please run it at least long enough to see the "switchover" at 12 and 6, because I'm very proud of that feature. Also, right click for the context menu that gives you a choice of date/time formats.

If you're running the February CTP and IE doesn't want to run the clock, try bringing up a VS command line window and executing:

That usually does the trick.

The code for this program will probably end up in my book if I can find a good place for it. It's about 350 lines total, split almost equally between XAML and C#.