Charles Petzold

XAML Cruncher: Tiny Fixes

April 12, 2006
New York City

I've updated XAML Cruncher a bit. The program is ClickOnce installable from the Applications = Code + Markup page of my web site. If you have it installed already, it should automatically update not the next time you run it but the time after that.

I've added a "Reparse" item on the XAML menu which you can use if you've suspended parsing or just to reparse and start the XAML program again. The accelerator key is F6.

I was losing carriage returns when the startup document was stored in the settings file. XAML Cruncher itself didn't mind, but Notepad did. So now linefeeds in the startup document are replaced with carriage return/linefeed pairs.

The Save As dialog didn't show the name of the loaded file. Now it does.

Addendum: I've encountered problems where XAML Cruncher slows down a lot and has a big number in the "CPU" column of Task Manager. I don't know what the problem is, but it usually happens when XAML Cruncher has been maximized. Don't maximize the window and it runs much better.