Charles Petzold

Life is Full of Compromises

June 20, 2006
Roscoe, NY

And sometimes the compromises involve what goes into a book and what simply can't fit because the book has gotten way too big.

The final Table of Contents (or TOC as we call it in the writing biz) is shown on the Applications = Code + Markup page of my Web site. If a chapter you were looking forward to didn't make the final cut, rest assured that it will get out there in one way or another. In particular, I am looking forward to exploring 3-D in great detail, and sharing with you all that I find.

If there's a particular WPF topic you'd like me to tackle, either in an on-line article or a more formal setting, drop me a note.

Even with the excised chapters, the book certainly doesn't skimp on sample code. It contains 165 Visual Studio projects and 149 stand-alone XAML files. What can I say? I like to code, and I still get a kick when a program I write actually works!