Charles Petzold

Rory Isn't

September 30, 2006
New York, NY

I'm basically a techie. I have no aspirations for punditry. But as a 30-year resident of Greenwich Village, I really must chime in on the pressing matter of Rorygayte.

Rory definitely isn't. He may be hedonist, and perhaps even a borderline narcissist, but puh-leeze! Maybe out in the sticks he incites a few gaping stares, but by New York City standards he doesn't even come close. Those who think Rory is, have, I suspect, led sheltered lives.

Compare, for example, the prose styles of David Sedaris and Rory Blyth. Both are guffaw-out-loud funny, but that's where the similarities end. The difference between someone who is, and someone who isn't, is obvious.