Charles Petzold

“3D Programming for Windows” is in the System!

May 22, 2007
Roscoe, N.Y.

My new book, 3D Programming for Windows is now available for pre-ordering. The official publication date is July 25, 2007. This isn't the final cover because the title is really 3D Programming for Windows but it's probably close. The "tool" on the cover is a theodolite, which is kind of 3D related almost.

Here's the listing on Amazon for pre-ordering:

Amazon indicates a list price of $34.99 but they're currently offering it for $23.09. Wow! At that price I'm almost tempted to order a few copies myself!

Here it is on the Microsoft Press site:

It's always exciting to see a book show up on actual web sites because it means that the book is real. I can now be fairly certain that my publisher hasn't been humoring me while quietly arranging for a room at an institution for crackpot authors.

The downside is that seeing the book in Amazon makes me want to go on vacation, except I can't because the book isn't actually finished and I'll be putting in some very full days until it's done. The files are scheduled to be shipped to the printer on June 27.

Since people have been asking me questions about the book, here are the answers: Yes, it will have plenty of pictures. Yes, it will be mostly XAML except when code is required. Yes, it will help make you a sexier WPF programmer.