Charles Petzold

I'll Be Doing a PDC2008 Pre-Con on WPF!

May 30, 2008
New York, N.Y.

I didn't know it had been publicly announced until I saw Tim Sneath's very kind blog posting this morning, but it's true: I'll be at this year's Professional Developers Conference in October with a full-day pre-conference tutorial on programming for the Windows Presentation Foundation entitled WPF Code and Concepts. How exciting!

The idea of converting my WPF book into a presentation did not appeal to me at all. (Once I've written something, I'm pretty much done with it. Isn't that what's writing for?) So that's not what I'm going to do here. I've been entirely re-thinking the material, the approach, the emphases, and the demo programs.

You've probably seen talks before where the speaker builds an application just by dragging and dropping controls inside Visual Studio. That's not the type of thing I'm interested in doing here. Instead, I'd like to focus much more on how to write your WPF classes so they're conducive to building those apps — in effect, how to make your classes "XAML ready."

I don't do fluff. This is going to be hard-core stuff. We're going to be looking at a lot of code, and discussing it, and analyzing it, and getting a good feel for what makes WPF such a powerful framework for Windows programming. I hope to see you there.

(I'm going to be travelling today and tomorrow, and possibly staying at a hotel without WiFi, so if you post a comment, it might not show up until late Saturday.)