Charles Petzold

Two Speaking Engagements Coming Up

April 5, 2011
New York, N.Y.

In the next couple months I will be leaving my comfort zone and travelling south for two important events.

The first destination is Atlanta, Georgia for Microsoft TechEd 2011, which runs from May 16 through 19, 2011. On the day before (May 15) I'll be doing a full-day pre-conference seminar entitled Mastering Microsoft Silverlight for Windows Phone 7. This seminar is geared towards programmers who already have experience in Silverlight for the web, so I'll be exploring the many Silverlight features specific to (or different in) Windows Phone 7.

No trip to Atlanta would be complete without a visit to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, of course, and I'll be going twice. I have tickets for evening performances on May 14 (the day I'm arriving) and May 19 (the night before I'm flying back). If anyone else gets tickets, perhaps we can meet for a pre-concert dinner or post-concert snacks.

A couple weeks later I'll be in Knoxville, Tennessee for CodeStock 2011 on June 3 and 4, 2011. I am very honored to be delivering the Keynote address, and I'll also be doing a session on An Introduction to XNA 2D for Windows Phone 7. This talk is geared towards programmers who may not necessarily be interested in using XNA for games, but who are curious about the XNA architecture and how it provides an alternative programming environment for Windows Phone 7. To keep the topic manageable, I'll be restricting the discussion to 2D programming.

As you probably know, I don't care for travelling and I don't get out much. These are the only two events I'm scheduled for speaking at this year, so I hope to see you at one or the other, or even both!