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Last Day for the $10 Book Deal

May 31, 2012
Roscoe, N.Y.

If you've been thinking "Well, I don't think I'll buy Programming Windows 6th edition right now for $10. I'll just wait for the next time they make the $10 offer," I recommend that you study the pricing chart on the Microsoft Press blog.

This is it. This is the last day.

Programming Windows, 6th Edition

Special Price through the End of May 2012!

For just $10, you get:

(1) the Consumer Preview ebook right now
(2) the Release Preview ebook in a couple months
(3) the final ebook in November

Programming Windows 6th edition
Programming Windows 6th Edition
Consumer Preview eBook


One thing I don't full understand even from WP7 book. Why do not use "Petzold Style" (witch I see in two book of WinForm, and in WPF book) while codding and use master of VS? Did you just help programmers go to certification in Market which support app based on Visual Studio templates?

— Guest, Fri, 1 Jun 2012 10:21:32 -0400

Although the first chapter of Programming Windows 6th edition shows how to write a Metro style app using only one code file and no XAML files, I think it's better for developers to get accustomed to the "normal" way of doing things early on. In Applications = Code + Markup the first half of the book focuses on code-only WPF programs. Some readers really liked that, but I've come to the conclusion that's not the best way to teach a XAML-based environment. — Charles

Thanks for answer.

On first view it reading easy than WP7 book.

And, by the way, I don't know who already thanks to you for the book, but I say to you:

THANKS for the book and your work!


If jpg do not load -

— Guest, Fri, 1 Jun 2012 15:57:11 -0400

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