Charles Petzold

Updated Code Available for Programming Windows 6th Edition

June 4, 2012
New York, N.Y.

If you purchased the Programming Windows 6th edition ebook from the O'Reilly web site, you've probably already received an email notification indicating that updated code is now available. That code can be downloaded from the book's page on the O'Reilly site. Look for the "Companion Content" link over at the right.

The ZIP file contains the earlier code and updated code in two directories:

Each of these two directories has subdirectories named CSharp, which has the C# code from the book, and CPlusPlus, which is the code converted to C++. Each of these directories has subdirectories named Chapter01 through Chapter07 for the 7 chapters of the Programming Windows 6th edition Consumer Preview eBook.

You may also be interested in my old buddy Craig Brockschmidt's Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the first four chapters of which are available in a free ebook.

Programming Windows, 6th Edition

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Programming Windows 6th edition
Programming Windows 6th Edition
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