Charles Petzold

Complimentary Copies

February 2, 2012
Posted Noon, EST
New York, N.Y.

When an author gets a book published, the publisher generally gives the author 10 complimentary copies of the book. Usually the author signs these books and gives them to all his friends, but then he has 7 or 8 copies still left over, and these tend to gather dust on the bookshelves of the author's home.

Over the years, I've written a number of books that might once have been considered important, but which nobody cares about any more, and I'm stuck with a bunch of leftover complimentary copies. I'd like to give these books away to the readers of my blog, and of course I'll sign them first.

Feb 7, 9:00 PM EST Update:
Sorry, no more books are available!

Here are the books I want to unload (in order of publication):

Programming the OS/2 Presentation Manager (1989)

4 copies

Programming Windows, 2nd edition (1990)

3 copies

Extending DOS edited by Ray Duncan (1990)

2 copies

Programming Windows, 3rd edition (1991)

5 copies

Extending DOS edited by Ray Duncan, 2nd edition (1992)

3 copies

OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming (1994)

12 copies

Programming Windows, 4th edition (1996)

14 copies

Programming Microsoft Windows with C# (2001)

8 copies

Programming Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (2002)

9 copies

Programming in the Key of C# (2003)

7 copies

Programming Microsoft Windows Forms (2005)

5 copies

3D Programming for Windows (2007)

7 copies

These books are in excellent conditions and some of them have unopened pouches containing diskettes.

Here's how you can get one (and only one) of these free autographed books:

That's all you have to do right now. If you are one of the first 90 people to send me one of these emails, you will receive an email in response that provides further instructions. These instructions require you to:

If you don't feel up to following these instructions, don't start the process!

Yes, I am aware that the number of books I've listed above totals to 79 but I'm offering signed books to the first 90 responders. Turns out I also have a few copies of Programming Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight and XNA editions) that I'd like to get rid of. If that's actually your first choice, let me know.

When I receive 90 emails, I'll post a banner on this blog entry that the free book giveaway is over.

I reserve the right to refuse sending a book to anyone who doesn't follow the rules, for example, by sending multiple emails.